Welcome to Nebraska Workplace Lawyer

Welcome to Nebraska Workplace Lawyer! This blog will focus on workplace law in Nebraska from the perspective of an advocate for employee rights. Though my focus is on Nebraska, I will likely comment on national trends as well with an eye towards how they might effect Nebraska workers and employers.  I hope this blog contributes to a better understanding of workplace issues for all parties regardless of whether they are in HR, organized labor, a defense attorney, a plaintiff’s attorney or just an ordinary citizen concerned about workplace issues. I write as much to educate myself as I do to inform others.

I chose the title Nebraska Workplace Lawyer because I represent employees in workers compensation, FMLA, discrimination and retaliatory discharge cases.  Our firm, Rehm Bennett and Moore, is also involved in some wage and hour class actions and does some labor work as well.  Workers compensation often seems a separate  from the larger world of labor and employment law, but I see them as workers compensation as being integral to the world of labor and employment law because labor and employment issues often stem from workers compensation cases.

I will attempt to post regularly, but if you want to get a more timely and frequent update of what I am looking at in the area of workplace law, you can follow me on Twitter.


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